WP Insure The Insurance Policy For Your WordPress Site

Ongoing Maintenance For Your WordPress Site.

What We Will Do

When you signup for our technical support plan we will take on the job of keeping your WordPress site up to date and in full working order.

We will provide the following services using tools and techniques learned managing hundreds of sites, we will continually monitor your web site and perform the following tasks:

 Fix On Fail

If anything goes wrong with your site we will recover it.

Crashes, hacks, user error (deleting content by accident for example) or issues adding new items like themes or plugins we will be your technical resource to fix your site.

If you site it down right now,  don’t worry, we will get it back on-line asap!

[icon name=icon-lock] Backups

We will backup your site to protect your content for system failures accidental damage or malicious attacks

We will perform daily full backups. We will also archive your backup offsite  so we still have an archive to recover from if there is a catastrophic hardware failure and the copy we keep on your server is unavailable.

We will test the integrity of the archive to ensure they are fit to restore should the worst happen

If an issue occurs we will also perform any restorations you need.

[icon name=icon-arrow-up] Updates

WordPress is constantly being updated we will manage and update all new software versions

On a daily basis we will check an update all of the following:

  • WordPress core files
  • Plugins
  • Themes

If any issues occur after an update we will be there to fix them. This sometimes happens if a plugin or theme is not compatible with a WordPress update.


We will monitor your site’s availability and if we find that your site has crashed we will bring it back online.

Having your site offline and not collecting orders or supplying information to your customers can result in lost business.


We will monitor your site’s security and stop the hackers before they can impact your business.

If your site is hacked we will recover it and close down the loophole.

[icon name=icon-pencil] Reporting

Each week we will send you a report of the work we have done on your site

Artisinal Not Automated

There are a lot of automated services out there that will do the same thing as our WordPress technical support plan, but we are offering an artisinal service, one that is done and checked by hand.

This is not something a backup bot can do. You are in our safe hands.


The maintenance service costs $29.00 per site per month, for that you get backups, updates, monitoring  and security.

Payment is via a recurring invoice that will be sent to you each month, so no automated credit card payments that are hard to cancel.

There is no long term tie in, simply let us know that you don’t want to continue and we will cancel your recurring invoice.

Got Any Questions?

Click on the live chat box below and I will answer any queries you have.

Sign Up Now

To signup for my maintenance plan,  complete the form  below and we will be in touch to get login details so we can start maintaining your site.

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