Ongoing WordPress Maintenance

Ongoing WordPress Maintenance

    About Our Maintenance Plan

      We have a recurring maintenance plan where we look after your site and insure you against crashes and problems with your WordPress site.

      Let us look after the technical support headaches so you can concentrate on building your business.

        Fix On Fail

          Our fix on fail service is where you can call on our team of developers to fix an issue on your site.

          Hopefully we will spot the issues with our monitoring, but you can also report an issues to our help desk by sending an email to support@wpdude,com or logging into your client dashboard and raising an issue

          Here are some of type of problems fix on fail solves

          • Crashed site – we’ll get you back online ASAP
          • slow loading site – we’ll performance tune your site
          • Hacked sites – we’ll remove the malware and harden security
          • Error messages – we’ll troubleshoot and fix the problem
          • Problems installing plugins or themes
          • Email support – if you have a question just ask.


              I will take daily full backups of your site,

              I will backup your database or content, the WordPress core files and any uploads you have made such as plugins, themes, images pdfs or other media.

              I will keep multiple archives so we can recover to a point in time should the worst happen.

              I will also store the archives offsite to ensure I have a safe archive.

              And of course, I’ll recover the backups should the need arise.


                  I will apply updates to your plugins, themes and WordPress core as releases are made,

                  I”ll take a full backup before any updates are applied and 

                  If you theme is customised I’ll create a child theme so we can apply theme updates safely.

                  I will fix any issues caused by updates, by rolling back or fixing the root cause of the problem.


                      I will monitor for downtime and security issues

                      I will setup monitors that ping your site to test to see if it is up, if an error is returned it will alert me and I can get to work fixing the issue.

                      I’ll also setup a security monitor. This will test your site for malware and hack attempts, it will also monitor the third part sites which mark a site as having malware, and alert me.

                      I’ll then fix any issues I get notified about.


                          Each week I will send you a detailed report on all work done on your site.

                          I’ll send a detailed report which will contain

                          Backups taken

                          Updates Made 

                          Uptime Report

                          Security Issues noted

                            Peace Of Mind

                              You will have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with your site I have your back.


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