WordPress Care Plan

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What We Will Do For Your WordPress Site


I will take daily full backups of your site, I will also store the archives offsite to ensure I have a safe archive.


I will apply updates to your plugins, themes and WordPress core as releases are made, I will fix any issues caused by updates.


I will monitor for downtime and security issues, fixing any problems I find.


Each week I will send you a detailed report on all work done on your site,

Fix On Fail

If your site crashes, is hacked or stops working for whatever reason I will fix it.

Peace of Mind

You will have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with your site I have your back.


Monthly$9.00Site per Month
Fix On Fail
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Annual$90.00Site per Year
Fix On Fail
2 months free
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What Login Details Will You Need?

We will need an admin level login ID to look after your site.

We normally ask you to setup a new user called wpdude which we will use for all work which will keep us separate from the work you do on your site creating content.

Do You Offer Phone Support?

Sorry we don’t,  all communication is via our help desk software so we can document everything and share jobs across our team.

I have a development task, can you do it?

Of course, we can supply a no obilgation quote for any new features you need for your site, care plan clients get a discount too,

Is There A Long Term Tie In?

No there is a month to month commitment, if you don’t want to continue with your care plan, let us know and we will cancel your plan.

How Do I Request Support?

We have a members only help desk where you can send us your jobs.

Simply send an email to support@wpdude.com and it will be added to the helpdesk.

My Site Has Crashed Can you Help?

Yes our first fix on fail will be getting your site back online ASAP.

What Is Fix On Fail?

Fix on fail mean, if your site crashes or goes down for whatever reason, we will fix it.

We wrote a full blog post on the subject What Is Fix On Fail?

What Is Not Covered By The Care Plan?

We don’t offer the following types of service

  • Graphic design
  • SEO services
  • Large custom development projects such  as theme or plugin development
  • Content creation

Do I Need To Move To Your Hosting?

No, you stay with your existing hosting provider.

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