WooCommerce is not just for physical products, a lot of people think it is.  Here are 6 use cases where WooCommerce is being used to sell a wide selection of services and none physical goods.

Here are some sites I’ve worked on that use WooCommerce in an alternative fashion.


There is a massive ecosystem that has grown around the core Woo products which allow us to sell much more than just physical products.  These are called Add ons.

I’ll list the add ons that enabled each use case below.


One of my clients runs the site braemarcabins.com.  Braemar is a small town in the highlands of Scotland which is surrounded by areas of natural beauty. The outdoorsy types flock here to do, well,  whatever it is they do.

Braemar Cabins offers accommodation bookings via WooCommerce.

So pick a cabin, check availability and book your slot.  To make things even more complex we have down payments if booking is a certain number of days in the future and full payment if it is a short notice.

Not complex enough! We have seasonal booking prices based upon dates

There is some complicated coding it the back end let me tell you, but it all still runs on Woo.

Bookings and appointments

Seasonal pricing

Partial deposits


I dabbled briefly with WooCommerce to sell my services.  I thought I have half a dozen services I can sell as products; crash recovery, performance tuning, hack recovery and migration, then I can also have custom jobs which require a quote.

Using an add on to woocommerce which shows the services as a product but asks the customer to request a quote.

There is also an add on where I can request a partial payment or deposit, then send another invoice in Woo to collect the final payment.

Technically it worked well but caused confusion with my clients so I stopped.

Request a quote


You can use WooCommerce and the payment engine to collect subscriptions for your membership sites.

https://learnwith.roisinofarrell.com/ is a site where you can learn to paint with my client Roisin.

It has woocommerce and it’s subscription add on linked together with the groups plugin which controls access to the content.

So as long as your WooCommerce subscription is in place you can access your training materials.

Woocommerce subcriptions


Groups for WooCommerce

Affiliate Links

You don’t have to sell your own products with WooCommerce you can sell someone else’s with a woo shop filled with affiliate links.

You can create what looks like a store on your site and link offsite to another persons site and get an affiliate payment.  WooCommerce allows you to have an external link to a product to do this.

WooCommerce Is Not Just For Physical Products,

Although not selling affiliate products my client who sells health supplements at https://prosperity-abounds.com/ links to an external payment provider in the same way.

Just plan old Woo for this feature

Custom Products

We are getting back into the physical product category a little bit, but you can use WooCommerce to sell custom products where the client can add text or upload images.

My Client sells custom lamps (in multiple languages, you can also do that) where you can set size, shape and upload types https://shadee-verlichting.nl.

Visual product designer


WooCommerce multilingual

Catalogue Sites

There are some things that you cannot just pull your credit card out to buy online, for example a quarter of a million dollar luxury boats.

A client approach me asking how I would build a site like this http://www.dnrboatworld.com/boats-for-sale/2017-buddy-davis-34-center-console-green-brook-new-jersey-5428849/

My Answer woocommerce as a catalogue (catalog for my US chums, I know the extra ue is too much effort for you 🙂 ).  We can show all the high end boats and then use a request a quote plugin to book a “test sail” of a boat. Some customisation of the language to make it a tour of a boat is required but you can re-use a quote plugin for this use case.

Request a quote

Wrap Up – WooCommerce Is Not Just For Physical Products

WooCommerce can be used in a wide range of situations where you sell stuff, be it services, products, downloadable items, apps, e-books or spaces.  The list goes on and on.

With a little creative use of add ons you can re-purpose woocommerce for your business.

If you need help building your WooCommerce site let me know, I’ll prepare a no obligation quote.

Photo Credit: Carlos Sánchez Pimienta Flickr via Compfight cc

WooCommerce Is Not Just For Physical Products, have I said it enough WooCommerce Is Not Just For Physical Products,