Speed Up WordPress

Speed Up WordPress

Is Your WordPress Site Running Slowly?

Are You Losing Business Because Of this?

Let Me Speed Up WordPress For You.


My name is Neil Matthews and I am a WordPress consultant. I am here to speed up WordPress sites.

Here Is The Problem I Solve

I can take any performance issue you are having with your WordPress site and turn it around into a solution as painlessly as possible for you, be it a problem with plugins, trauma with themes or dilemma with databases.

I’ve got a proven methodology and a fixed price package to make your site load more quickly.


I have a top to bottom methodology for speeding up slow loading sites which I have applied to hundreds of slow loading WordPress sites.  I can take a site with Google Page Speed insights scores of the low 40s into the high 80s or 90s.

Here is my methodology:

Backups – we are changing the way your site loads so a full secure backup before we begin is important.

Baseline – I take a baseline of Google page speed insight and a page load speed from chrome developers tools as a baseline so we have something to score our performance gains against.

Theme – I’ll scan your theme for bottlenecks and fix any issues found.

Plugins – I’ll review the plugins you use, remove any unused, optimise any issues found, and recommend replacements for problematic ones.

I will optimise how plugins are loaded and exclude redundant plugins from loading on important pages e.g. contact forms on the home page.

Database – I will optimise your database and fix any large table issues or corruptions I find.

Queries – I’ll setup monitoring to find any slow loading queries and fix those.

Images – I will optimise the way your images load so they are compressed and at the best size without compromising image quality.

Script Loading – I will optimise the way your scripts are loaded, where appropriate I will load scripts from the footer to stop render blocking when a site loads

Hosting – I will review your hosting package and make more memory available, free up disk space and optimise performance for WordPress, in some cases I will recommend migration to a new host.

Malware – malware is sometimes at the root cause of a performance issue, I routinely scan for and fix hacked sites during performance tuning engagements.

Caching Plugin – I will install and configure a cache plugin to optimise page load speeds, add browser caching, database and object caching.

CDN – where appropriate I will install and configure a  content delivery network

Full Report – at the end of the engagement I will deliver a full report on all work done and results achieved.

Each site is different and I may find issues not covered by my methodology, but rest assured I will not stop until I have your site running quickly and smoothly.


My performance tuning package comes at a fixed price of £499.

Payment comes in two phases, 50% at the start of the project, and the other 50% upon completion to your satisfaction.


If I cannot speed up your slow loading site, I offer a no fix no fee guarantee and all money will be refunded.

This sometimes happens with poorly coded themes or low quality hosting packages that I cannot tune.

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