Canva Review

Canva Review

I’ve started to use an excellent tool called to create images for blog posts, ads and other online needs, here is my video Canva review.

Canva is a freemium online  image manipulation tool, I have been using it for about one month and as a non-designer I am very very happy with the results.  It is free to sign-up but there are some advanced options which costs $11 per month.

I’ve struggled with very expensive and complicated image manipulation tools such as Photoshop. Canva solves that.

I’m no designer, Canva also solves that with pre-made look and feels.

Lets get into the meat of the review and check out my video review


Wrap Up – Canva Review

Canva has changed the way I create images for the web and for my clients, it’s simple and convenient, there is no endorsement or affiliate gain here, it’s just a tool I’m using regularly.

Remember the attribution I mentioned in the video you can see that below.

Photo Credit: archer10 (Dennis) 84M Views Flickr via Compfight cc