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WooCommerce Is Not Just For Physical Products

WooCommerce is not just for physical products, a lot of people think it is.  Here are 6 use cases where WooCommerce is being used to sell a wide selection of services and none physical goods. Here are some sites I've worked on that use WooCommerce in an alternative...

I’ve Been Hacked

So, imagine me sitting in a circle with other people wearing super hero T-shirts like me.  I clear my throat and say meekly "I've been hacked". I'm at an imaginary meeting of TA (techies anonymous) where we confess our technical transgressions. I'm so embarrassed, I...

Where I Get Images For My Site

A picture tells a thousand words, and even the most minimal website needs some imagery.  In this post I want to talk about where I get images for my site. I'm Not A Designer I'm not a graphic designer,  I don't have the skills to create my own images so I need to find...

Freelancer Feast And Famine

If you work for yourself, you will be well aware of the freelancer feast and famine cycle. You take on a project and get a payment.  You then do your thing, for your clients, and there is no further payment or new projects until you complete that piece of work. We get...

Attack Of The Clone

Several years back, I had an amazing idea.  If I could find a clone of myself, I could double the income coming into my business.  This was when my business suffered the attack of the clone. How hard could it be .. The Back Story I was booked solid.  I had a full...

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