How To Add A Facebook Page Plugin To WordPress

How To Add A Facebook Page Plugin To WordPress

The Facebook page plugin (or like box as it used to be called) is a way to showbcase your Facebook page on your website away from Facebook itself.

In today’s video tutorial I am going to show you how to add the plugin into your site. The facebook page plugin is some code that needs to be ibntegrated and not a plugin int he WordPress sense.

The page you need to visit to grab your code is:

If you need help implementing a Facebook page plugin, get a no obligation quote.

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  1. Carolyn
    November 4, 2016

    Neil, It’s great to hear your speaking voice! Thanks for the tutorial. You are always coming up with great ideas and content for your followers.

  2. Moni
    November 4, 2016

    I always use iframes and these kind of codes if possible (e.g. for Google Maps, too), instead of plugins, because I prefer to keep the number of the plugins used on my clients’ website as low as possible. So I use this method for years and I’m happy that you prefer the same, Neil.

    But let me add this: if you modify the header.php of your theme, you have to do the modification again if your theme will have an update. Instead of that, you can use a code insert plugin (e.g. Head & Footer Code), or just simply add the header code to a text widget as well – it’s also a good place, even if not right after the opening body tag.

    • Neil Matthews
      November 5, 2016

      Hi Moni

      This is not a plugin in the WordPress sense of the word the terminology is a bit confusing

      I’m not a fan of iframes because of the unpredictable way things are displayed

      I did mean to mention using a child theme in he video but forgot

      • Moni
        November 5, 2016

        Hi Neil,

        I also meant WP plugins (I know the Facebook Page is not) and I also use these FB codes. Sorry if it was ambiguous.

        Yes, child theme is a great way, too.

        Do you think that even a Google Map iframe can cause problems? And sometimes I have to insert other codes, too, like third party marketing software subscribe forms with iframe, no problem so far.

        Do you have any suggestions what to look for if I need to use iframes?


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